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About the Owner:
When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans I lost both my house and my business on Bourbon Street.
For most of my life I had been involved in the night club and entertainment business, and had owned and operated my business The Tricou House 711 Bourbon St. for 24 years.

I saw the rise of the internet and was on the cutting edge. We were "streaming" one of our cameras on Bourbon St. on Earth Cam in the early 90's. My server called me and told me I had to slow down the rate I was "streaming" because I was crashing the server. We were broadcasting one frame every two seconds.

The Internet has changed a lot over that time and I have seem many trends and systems develop, The Internet breaks down all barriers between people and is the first time in history that people can communicate with each other and network. This is the goal of Rocket Safe list, to help grow and develop the communication and commerce in a peer to peer open world forum.

-W. Fred Hendrix
Owner, Rocket Safelist

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